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Partners in Ministry


Cornerstone Baptist Church prays and supports ministries both locally and globally. Here are a few ministries we would like you to consider supporting through prayer, giving, and possibly serving. 

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RHEMA logo.jpg

Freeway Ministries is a Missouri born ministry turned global. This ministry is designed to reach the unreachable. Ministering to the drug addicts, alcoholics, ex-convicts, users and abusers of communities. To learn more about this incredible ministry click the link below.  

RHEMA Global Pastor Training is an amazing ministry designed and founded by Dr. Ron Herrod to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and train men from India how to be Pastors in their lost country. "They go where we can't". To learn more click the click below.

Jeff & Candace Walton are a part of Candance International. A ministry focused on serving the United States military. The goal of Candace International is to send missionaries like the Walton family to U.S. military bases to gather, grow, and go all for the sake of the Gospel. The Waltons will be stationed in South Korea. Click the link below to learn more.

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