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The Rise Up Student Ministry After School Program is for all 7th through 12th-grade students. Every Wednesday after school the doors of Cornerstone Baptist Church will open at 3:20 PM. Students will be able to find a quiet place to study to catch up on work or prepare for a test. As well students will be able to seek out tutoring from retired teachers and other professionals to help them excel in their education. 

The RUSM After School Program isn't just for those who are seeking a place for tutoring and a study hall. Students will also be able to hang out with friends, play games, and partake in fun activities.

Leaving from the school straight to the RUSM After School Program can be very tiring and can lead to students getting extremely hangry. No one likes to be hungry, that is why at 5:00 PM we will provide a full dinner to everyone at CBC. 

Following dinner, there will be a time of worship where students will be encouraged, loved on, shared the truth, and have their faith challenged. The mission for the RUSM After School Program is for students to rise up in their education, rise up in their life, and rise up in their faith.


Every Wednesday after school.
3:20 PM - Doors open.
3:30 PM - Study Hall / Tutoring & Activities. 
5:00 PM - Dinner. 
5:30 PM - Worship Service.
6:30 PM - Home Bound. 

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